Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Address, Same Lowdown

Due to a clampdown on this blog by the authorities, it is now hosted in Wee Ka Siong Exposed.

Find out what led to the migration here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WKS - The RM4.2 million man (so far)

Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong is a Super Rich man. Everyone knows about his ties with Super Tycoon, Tiong King Sing, who built - and messed up - the PKFZ to the tune of RM12.5 billion. But just how rich is Wee Ka Siong?

Intelligence gathered from the swelling number of "little birds" who have started to see through the hypocrite MCA Youth head, show he has amassed sinful amount of money. Intelligence searches show his banking accounts alone have RM4.2 million in cold hard cash.

For example, in Maybank, he has 34 accounts, the bulk of it is in current account, which enables him to easily issue cheques to cronies, repay debts of gratitude and buy support. The balance in the current accounts ranges from RM22,00-odd to over RM700,000.

Some basic search has yielded the following:

(There are 2 easy ways to verify that the Maybank accounts above are genuine. First is to go to any Maybank cash deposit machines and key in those numbers, which can be done by anyone, not only those with Maybank accounts. "Wee Ka Siong" will appear as account holder. Only for account number 514123155605, "Wee Ka Keng" will appear. He is Ka Siong's sibling who has been mandated to carry out any transactions on Ka Siong's behalf. Ka Siong remains as account holder.

The 2nd method is for those with Maybank2u accounts. After logging in, on the pretext of doing a 3rd party funds transfer, key in the account numbers. The same name will appear. Just click "Cancel" to cease the transfer of funds. Wee Ka Siong doesn't need your money as he's filthy rich.)

More banking details here:

Now, the question is how did Ka Siong amass that much of money? As a Deputy Minister he only earns RM10,847.65, while as an MP, he earns RM6,508.59. See details here . His total salary a month would then be RM17,356.24. Assuming he doesn't touch a single cent from his pay, he would take 2,400-odd months to hit RM4.2 million. But WKS has been Deputy Minister-cum-MP for only 24 months!!

Even if you consider his earnings before he became a Deputy Minister, that's still an awful lot of money that cannot be accounted for. Was he earning that much more before he joined politics? If so, what was so alluring about politics that he took such a massive pay cut? OR, did he become rich BECAUSE he is in politics?

Is Wee Ka Siong being funded by outsiders? Is Tiong King Sing funding Wee Ka Siong's war chest?

The RM4.2 million is just the tip of the iceberg. These are accounts registered under HIS name. Surely he has accounts registered under his proxies. Would anyone believe otherwise? Would anyone even imagine that these proxy accounts have ONLY RM4.2 million? Or for that matter, would anyone believe that these proxy accounts have ONLY RM42 million???

But if he thinks that he can hide, then he is dead wrong. Watch this space for more... It will hit you like a tonne of bricks.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Abuse of Power - 1

School bullies threaten to beat up those weaker then them. A cry baby bullies by threatening parents through school headmasters.

That's what crybaby Wee ka Siong, the Deputy Minister of Education did. When he cannot tahan MACC commissioner, Tan Sri Robert Phang, he called the headmaster of SJKC Jalan Davidson, where Robert Phang's son is studying.

He asked the headmaster where Robert Phang is staying and his so-called secret hideouts!! Dey.... not everyone got a secret hideout like you, you know? Who's paying for your secret hideout in Berjaya Times Square Hotel?

Never mind that, Wee Ka Siong even asked the poor headmaster about the movement of Tan Sri Robert Phang and his family. For what you need the info? To plan for the construction of more Chinese schools? Or make Malaysian students score better grades in Science and Maths?

Why must call headmaster direct? Ministry of Education officials cannot do background check is it? Must show power is it? Want to scare people is it?

This one clearly abuse of power and cause fear in Tan Sri Robert Phang and family. Don't believe ah? See the police report below lah!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Documents to proof Wee Ka Siong LIED!!

In early January, an MCA Youth leader asked Wee Ka Siong if he would resign if there were evidence to prove that any of his staff had worked for Tiong King Sing. The full statement is available here (see query No. 5).

But that Wee fella did not respond to the query. Because HE IS A FREAKING COWARD!! He got no balls because they are being held by Tiong King Sing!!

On 31 December 2009, Wee said in NST that none of his staff had ever worked for Tiong.

Here is proof that he LIED. EPF statements below show that his political secretary in the Ministry of Education, Lim Ching Hao, was working for Tiong.

Check out the EPF employer number. He used to work for Tiong. And it’s not any of Tiong’s companies. BUT, Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the turnkey contractor for PKFZ!!

What some more you want, Ka Siong? Go ahead and say you were misquoted? Or try to lie to the press like how you told them that you did not own any shares in Hijau Sekitar Sdn Bhd. BUT when official records caught you with your pants down, say “no lah.I divested controlling stake only.” You are born to lie.

How to hide now? Wee Ka Siong, you ARE a LIAR!!! You ARE Tiong King Sing’s running dog!! woof woof woof!!!

But if you think the documents above are damaging, wait till you see more…

Check out future posting which will contain more damaging documents about Wee Ka Siong.

Stay tuned!!